For IDEA Users (Github)ΒΆ

  1. Create a git clone of the H2O repository. From Source Code (Github)
  2. Open IDEA.
  3. Click Import Project.
  1. Choose the H2O directory and click OK.
  1. Choose Import project from external model. Choose Eclipse. Click Next.
  1. ENABLE LINK CREATED INTELLIJ IDEA MODULES TO ECLIPSE PROJECT FILES (this is not selected by default). Click Next.
  1. H2O should be selected by default. Keep it selected. If the “experiments” module is selected uncheck it. Click Next.
  1. SDK 1.6 or 1.7 should selected by default. If so click Finish. If you don’t have an SDK on your system you will need to install one first.
  1. (Import from Eclipse) If prompted for Python configuration stuff just click Cancel.
  1. If prompted to Add Files to Git just click Cancel.
  1. In IntelliJ IDEA / Preferences (CMD-,) set the project bytecode version to 1.6:
  1. Select a sample Java Application and right click on it. Choose Run.
  1. In certain versions of IntelliJ you may need to set the Java heap size and re-run:
  1. See the output of a successful run.
  1. You may connect to to use H2O interactively.