Build Sparkling Water

Download and install Spark, and point the environment variable SPARK_HOME to the installation path. Then use the provided gradlew to build project.

In order to build the full distribution, run:

./gradlew dist

After this command finishes, the full distribution of Sparkling Water is available at ./dist/build/dist directory.

  • To avoid running tests, use the -x check option.

If you don’t want to build executable distribution, but just want to build or test specific modules:

  • To build only a specific module, use, for example, ./gradlew :sparkling-water-examples:build.

  • To build and test a specific module, use, for example, ./gradlew :sparkling-water-examples:check.

Changing Scala Version

Sparkling Water by default uses Scala version which is default for given Spark. All the artifacts published are built against the default Scala version for given Spark. If you want build Sparkling Water for non-default Scala version, for example from 2.11 to 2.12, create Sparkling Water distribution as ./gradlew dist -PscalaBaseVersion=2.12

Building Against Custom H2O

Note: If you would like to build against custom H2O Python package, specify H2O_HOME environment variable. The variable should point to the root directory of the H2O-3 repository. This is mainly used for integration testing with H2O-3.