REST Interface

An H2OConnection represents the latest active handle to a cloud. No more than a single H2OConnection object will be active at any one time.

class h2o.connection.H2OConnection(ip, port, start_h2o, enable_assertions, license, nthreads, max_mem_size, min_mem_size, ice_root, strict_version_check, proxy, https, insecure, username, password, max_mem_size_GB, min_mem_size_GB, proxies, size)[source]

Bases: object

H2OConnection is a class that represents a connection to the H2O cluster. It is specified by an IP address and a port number.

Objects of type H2OConnection are not instantiated directly!

This class contains static methods for performing the common REST methods GET, POST, and DELETE.

static check_conn()[source]
static cluster_is_up(conn)[source]

Determine if an H2O cluster is up or not :param conn: An H2OConnection object containing the IP address and port of the server running H2O. :return: TRUE if the cluster is up; FALSE otherwise

static current_connection()[source]
static default()[source]
static delete(url_suffix, **kwargs)[source]
static get(url_suffix, **kwargs)[source]
static get_json(url_suffix, **kwargs)[source]
static https()[source]
static insecure()[source]
static ip()[source]
static jar_paths()[source]
static make_url(url_suffix, _rest_version=None)[source]
static password()[source]
static port()[source]
static post(url_suffix, file_upload_info=None, **kwargs)[source]
static post_json(url_suffix, file_upload_info=None, **kwargs)[source]
static rest_ctr()[source]
static rest_version()[source]
static session_id()[source]
static username()[source]