Build Sparkling Water

Download and install Spark, and point the environment variable SPARK_HOME to the installation path. Then use the provided gradlew to build project.

In order to build the whole project, including PySparkling, one of the following properties needs to be set:

  • H2O_HOME - should point to location of the local H2O project directory
  • H2O_PYTHON_WHEEL - should point to H2O Python Wheel

If you are not sure which property to set, just run:

./gradlew build

The commands that set the H2O_PYTHON_WHEEL will be shown on your console and can be copy-pasted into your terminal. After setting the property, the build needs to be rerun.

  • To avoid running tests, use the -x test -x integTest or the -x check option.
  • To build only a specific module, use, for example, ./gradlew :sparkling-water-examples:build.
  • To build and test a specific module, use, for example, ./gradlew :sparkling-water-examples:check.

Sparkling Water 2.1.25 can be be built with Scala 2.10 or Scala 2.11. To build Sparkling Water with non-default Scala version, use, for example, ./gradlew build -x check -PscalaBaseVersion=2.10.