Download H2O Logs from Databricks Cloud

To download H2O logs from the Databricks cloud, we need to have H2OContext already running. Let’s assume it’s available in the hc variable.

To download logs in Scala, we need to run:

dbutils.fs.cp("file:/tmp/", "/FileStore/")

or in Python:

dbutils.fs.cp("file:/tmp/", "/FileStore/")

The first method in both languages downloads the log files to the Databricks filesystem. In order to make it available for download from Databricks, we need to move the obtained logs from the Databricks filesystem to the FileStore, which is where the files can be downloaded using a web browser.

Finally, to download the logs to your local computer, you need to visit the following page https://<YOUR_DATABRICKS_INSTANCE_NAME>

Opening that link will download the logs to your local computer.

Note: If you are using Community Edition of Databricks, the address is, where the number after o= is the same as in your Community Edition URL.