Data: Quantiles (Request)ΒΆ

Source Key

The key associated with the data set of interest.


The column of interest.


A value bounded on the interval (0,1), where X is the value below which X as a percentage of the data fall. For instance if the quantile .25 is requested, the value returned will be the value within the range of the column of data below which 25% of the data fall.

Max Qbins

The number of bins into which the column should be split before the quantile is calculated. As the number of bins approaches the number of observations the approximate solution approaches the exact solution.

Multiple Pass

Only 3 possible entries: 0: Calculate the best approximation of the requested quantile in one pass. 1: Return the exact result (with a maximum iteration of 16 passes) 2: Return both a single pass approximation and multi-pass exact answer.

Interpolation Type

When the quantile falls between two in-data values, it is necessary to interpolate the true value of the quantile. This can be done by mean interpolation, or linear interpolation.

2: Mean interpolation 7: Linear interpolation