Data: Inspect (Return)ΒΆ

The Data Inspect page is accessed by going to the Data drop down menu, selecting Inspect and specifying the key associated with the data to be examined.

Data Indices or Header (if included when data were imported and parsed) are displayed across the top of the page.

Jump to Row
Users can automatically move to a specified point in the data by entering an row index number and pressing the Jump to Row button.
Info and Scrolling Buttons
Selecting Info returns the front page and summary information. Selecting any one of integer numbers displayed across the top will take the user to that page in the data.
Change Type
Users may wish to specify whether the data in a particular column should be treated as numeric or as factors. Where the default assumption about the data does not reflect the correct specification users can change data type by clicking the button As Factor in integer columns, or reverse this change by clicking As Integer. Alpha-numeric or alpha data are automatically classified as factor data, and cannot be treated as numeric, and continuous real data cannot be converted to factor data because the number of possible factor levels is infinite.
Specifies the type of data contained in a column. Int: Integer; discrete numeric data (1, 2, 3, 4, ...) Real: Continuous real data (1, 1.01, 1.1, 1.3, 1.55, ...) Enum: Enumerative, Factor or Categorical data. (Red, Green, Blue, ...)
The minimum value in a column of numeric data.
The maximum value in a column of numeric data.
The average value of the data in a numeric column.
The number of unique levels in a column of factor data.
The number of missing values in a column of data.