Introduction to H2OΒΆ

H2O by 0xdata brings better algorithms to big data. H2O is the open source math and machine learning platform for speed and scale. With H2O, enterprises can use all of their data (instead of sampling) in real-time for better predictions. Data Scientists can take both simple and sophisticated models to production from H2Othe same interactive platform used for modeling, within R and JSON. H2O is also used as an algorithms library for Making Hadoop Do Math. Our earliest customers have built powerful domain specific predictive engines for Recommendations, Pricing and Outlier detection in Fraud and Insurance.

0xdata is the maker of H2O and nurturing a grassroots movement of math, systems and data science to herald the new wave of Discovery with Big Data Science.

High-level presentations describing H2O:

The Algorithms Roadmap for H2O:

H2O’s Hadoop & R integration is rapidly growing and growing stronger: